Sometimes You Just Can't Win - Q&A
I'm sure some questions will arise, so here's some quick ones. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on twitter @HaroldLi or email me: harold.hf.li [at] gmail.com


Questions about the game as a product:

Q: v 0.5?
A: Technically, this game is in what I'd consider "beta" form. It's the story I wanted to tell, but there's so much more I had wanted to implement, hence, 0.5.

Q: Will you be updating the game?
A: Yes. I'm going to be dropping in at least two sets of stages and complete the 3 "TBA" mini games. After that, I'll take a look at player feedback and see what I can do.

And of course, more achievements and leaderboards. I know people like those.

Q: Will you release it on any other platform?
A: I would love to, but I'm only one man, and trying to release a port to any other platform isn't on the roadmap.

Q: Retina Support?
A: Yes and no. It is Retina ready for iPhone/iPod, but not the iPad. However, given the pixel art style, does it really matter? I've put the two side by side, and the pixel edges look identical.

But yes, I'll look into getting Retina for iPad by the next update.

Q: Oh the sound...
A: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. The best I can tell you is that you can it shut off sound in the options. I may end up updating the soundtrack/effects so that it's a bit more pleasing to the ears. But see below...


Questions about the game:

Q: So, the sound...
A: For a while, I really thought about not shipping the game with sound. It's not something I know, and I really didn't want to get anyone involved in this process. Yet after trying out without sound, the buttons presses just didn't feel right. So yes, these things were hacked in, as a crutch, more than a "I know what I'm doing here".

Q: How much of the game is fact?
A: The starting point of me working in an office, and buying stuff to keep me happy and motivated? 100%. The rest? I rather not say. Why spoil the mystery? But if you really want to know the story: read the In Depth Look.

Q: Can you really not win?
A: Every stage is completable. But "win"? Well, I suggest you take a look at Behind the Scenes once you've cleared the game to see what I mean.

Q: I'm stuck.
A: Trust me, every stage is completable. More importantly, if you are stuck on the latter stages, the "Overtime" option is pretty much a cheat option to get pass the stage.

You may have more questions about the game itself, I may have answered them in the In Depth Look page and the Behind the Scenes page. So check them out once you're done the game.

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